Portfolio at the Close 6/29/2012

All the positions of the Portfolio and how they closed Friday 6/29/2912 Holdings Symbol Price* Qty Value ABT Abbott Laboratories Abbott Laboratories 64.47 1.56 (2.48%) 4 $257.88 AIG American International Group American International Group 32.09 1.25 (4.05%) 10 $320.90 BA … Continue reading

Banks Continue to Fleece Us: Banks Continue to be Corrupt

Barclay’s LIBOR shenanigans, JPMorgan’s recklessness, Corzine’s manipulation of client money and Company trades, non-stop hawking of anti healthcare-for-all from Republican operatives and TV talking-heads show the depth of money and influence of the .5 percenters on public policy and cost … Continue reading

Kass has Done it Again: Cramer=Invest USA and Kass agrees

Cramer has been saying for months to invest at “home;” companies in USA with business mostly or completely in USA.  Today Kass’ opening missive says the same and provides Greenhaus’ chart which demonstrates the profit margin for USA companies. http://realmoneypro.thestreet.com/dougs-daily-diary?published%5Bvalue%5D%5Bdate%5D=2012-06-27#mama-im-coming-20120627Continue reading

Everything You Need to Consider When Investing

Kass’ column on realmoney pro this morning is dynamite:  thoughtful and interesting. Ebony and Ivory Jun 26, 2012 | 7:48 AM EDT http://realmoneypro.thestreet.com/dougs-daily-diary?cm_ven_int=homepage-daily-diary&published%5Bvalue%5D%5Bdate%5D=2012-06-26#iff-ever-i-would-20120626 …Keep looking for it on thestreet.com if you aren’t a subscriber.