Banks Continue to Fleece Us: Banks Continue to be Corrupt

Barclay’s LIBOR shenanigans, JPMorgan’s recklessness, Corzine’s manipulation of client money and Company trades, non-stop hawking of anti healthcare-for-all from Republican operatives and TV talking-heads show the depth of money and influence of the .5 percenters on public policy and cost … Continue reading

Kass has Done it Again: Cramer=Invest USA and Kass agrees

Cramer has been saying for months to invest at “home;” companies in USA with business mostly or completely in USA.  Today Kass’ opening missive says the same and provides Greenhaus’ chart which demonstrates the profit margin for USA companies. reading

Everything You Need to Consider When Investing

Kass’ column on realmoney pro this morning is dynamite:  thoughtful and interesting. Ebony and Ivory Jun 26, 2012 | 7:48 AM EDT …Keep looking for it on if you aren’t a subscriber.