portfolio continues to outperform the Indexes but still DOWN Today+Flat for the Week!

I don’t like loosing money and today the portfolio was down .92%=a loss of $44.14.  But the Indexes were down more: S&P 5001,362.66-13.85-1.01% Nasdaq2,925.30-40.60-1.37% Dow12,822.57-120.79-0.93% Here’s the portfolio and how it reacted today.  Not a pretty sight: Account Value $4,729.59 … Continue reading

Re-Organize Government/Regulation with People Who Know

When the Market was corrupt and needed reform during THE GREAT DEPRESSION, President Roosevelt hired the most corrupt insider (Joseph Kennedy) to clean it up.  And He did! Bush? Obama? nothing! Just more and more signs of corruption. These departments … Continue reading