Media dismissal of Demonstrators

I love Aaron Task’s piece over on Yahoo/fiance…..There’s a one-liner that takes Erin Burnett  to task  (yes, a bad pun)…….Go look at her appearances on CNBC, right before George Bush and Paulsen recognized the Depression.  She ridiculed the idea that the “subprime mortgage” fiasco could spread, was the fault of lenders and those “insurance” bets against the mortgages, etc.  Fortunately, for us and not for Erin, there is a record of the cavalier treatment towards the causes of the Depression (“we were all at fault” was the CNBC mantra) which continues to this day.  Although now CNBC may blame the poor and Obama only AND of course, the ner-do-wells that are protesting.;_ylt=AhEmyR82.NPthWQelq5AbGBO7sMF;_ylu=X3oDM

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