another CONSUMER COMMENT: McDonald’s WHich Ones work and which SHOULD CLOSE

I’ve always liked McDonald’s.  I grew up on the Big Mac.  Actually, I grew up on Frisch’s BIG BOY.  AH! now that was good eating:  Big Boy, FF, and Choc. Milk Shake.  Later, when I moved to MI, I switched to the BIG MAC was happy for years.  Then some McDonalds had great Big Macs and some not eatable Big Macs. Last year, McDonalds, gave us the grilled Chicken Chili McWrap  I consistently order the grilled chicken Chilli McWrap (without the additional garlic sauce), small Coffee, and 1 sparking water.

Now you have the BACKGROUND:

The McD at I96 can not get the order correct:  either it has the garlic sauce or the chicken is fried or the water is water or the last time, i.e. THE LAST TIME, the coffee and the sandwich was room temp.   No more going to the  I96110 exit .

There is a McD on Grand River in East Lansing, with line that wrap around the building and out onto the tiny side street, that always gets the grilled chicken McWrap right and the water wrong but will rectify their error without a huff.

The McD by Frandor, between East Lansing and Lansing always, always get this order correct and greets you and smiles as they hand you the bag.  So does the staff at the Owosso MickyD’s.

THE KICKER:  I96 McDs, who has never gotten the order right, charges for the cup of water:  As far as I know, and I have ordered seltzer water at McDs all-over-the-USA , no one else charges for water, sparkling or still; water or seltzer; or however, you ask for water.

McD management go to EL or Frandor or Owosso and find out how to run a McDonalds.  Meanwhile,  INTERVENTION needed!



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