Summer Over?

Is the low volume, ever higher Indexes, over?  Kass thinks it is!  Evidence:  commodities stuck at low level, China rockin’ with slowing growth and Gov not intervening, Europe’s depression sitting there with little intervention, Do Nothing Congress continues to do … Continue reading

Re-Organize Government/Regulation with People Who Know

When the Market was corrupt and needed reform during THE GREAT DEPRESSION, President Roosevelt hired the most corrupt insider (Joseph Kennedy) to clean it up.  And He did! Bush? Obama? nothing! Just more and more signs of corruption. These departments … Continue reading

Dan Dicker, an oil trader, Agrees with Obama

Dan Dicker trades oil for a living…..reliable and honest. Look what he says about Obama and the “floor traders” (like Santelli, the announcer from CNBC) political response.  Today he wrote at on Don’t Believe These Tall Tales … Continue reading