Friday at the Close 10/11/2013

The Portfolio significantly outperform the S&P today: S&P 5001,703.20+10.64+0.63%  Portfolio up almost 1% i.e., up+.96% Portfolio up .59%=$27 for the week! Sym Description Qty Underl. Stock Days to Exp Cost Basis Avg Price Price Change (%) Daily G/L Total G/L … Continue reading

Continuing to OutPace Market Indexes

the portfolio continues to out-pace the market indexes: Portfolio at the CLOSE: AAPL Apple Inc Apple Inc 1 $393.78 -$4.29 $393.78 AIG American International Group American International Group 5 $44.48 $0.86 $222.40 AMAT Applied Materials Inc Applied Materials Inc 5 … Continue reading

Market Up and So are We

The Market is up: S&P 5001,405.87+3.07+0.22% Nasdaq3,020.86+2.22+0.07% Dow13,207.95+42.76+0.32% The Portfolio continues to outperform these Indexes. Today’s “action”: Symbol Price* Qty Value AIG American International Group American International Group 32.60 0.09 (0.28%) 5 $163.00 BMY Bristol Myers Squibb Co Bristol Myers … Continue reading

Continuing the Trounce of the Indexes

This Portfolio continues to trounce the Indexes.  Why? S&P 5001,402.80+0.58+0.04% Nasdaq3,018.64+7.39+0.25% Dow13,165.19-10.45-0.08% Portfolio+.58% A couple of positions (the Israeli drug company and Sprint) have been rockets.  However, many of the positions continue upward and some downward.  Look at what went … Continue reading