Cramer: Increase in Mom and Pop operations? Why Not? That’s right. What’s happened in America is that the huge corporations with lobbyists in Washington and tentacles throughout the country — the ones with the best balance sheets and, yes, the best leadership — simply can’t be beaten by … Continue reading

Kass is Worth the Price of Admission

Why I Will Never Comment on Politics        Doug Kass Aug 29, 2012 | 8:28 AM EDT “Business commentators should report, not coach.” Kass writes so clearly and explains so well.  This is what I wrote  on his blog at … Continue reading

Summer Over?

Is the low volume, ever higher Indexes, over?  Kass thinks it is!  Evidence:  commodities stuck at low level, China rockin’ with slowing growth and Gov not intervening, Europe’s depression sitting there with little intervention, Do Nothing Congress continues to do … Continue reading

Stock Market=Shanda=SEC

Rigged? Manipulated? Erratic! NOT Regulated!  SEC=Shanda        I’ve written about the SEC and The Obama Administration not having a clue or deciding not to regulate any Trading Vehicle or investigate any stock manipulation!    Why? Who knows; he was elected to … Continue reading