consumers! SUBURU Windshield Cracks! SUBURU DEFECT

Over the past week, the temp has been -5 to 50 plu 6-8 inches of snow and rain plus lots of sunshine.  My new Suburu Legacy has heated windhield wipers and heated glass and blowing heat.  GUESS WHAT? Hairline cracks acros the bottom of the windshield.  Spider-web cracks emanating N by NE last week.

I went to the Suburu delaler, who gave me the name of a windshield replacement company. AMAZING!! Brand-new cAR!  It’s a stone.  It wasn’t.  As I drive, you can hear it cracking.  Suggestions?  What to do?  I think the glass could not take the extreme temperatures.  It has none of the marks of Safety Glass (radiating out from a hole)


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