East Lansing Mismanages $ and policies

When I arrived in East Lansing, MI (50 yrs ago), there were neighborhood skating areas, sidewalks were cleared by the City, each elementary school followed a different philosophy, and the town was low keyed, local stores, banks, and department stores. Yes, the population was growing (State government and the University were pursuing rapid growth) and catching-up with post Civil War laws (open housing and voting rights for all).  Now, vandalism by residents when MSU teams win or loose, harsh police tactics, few city services, high residential taxes, school sameness, empty and deteriorating downtown…  You get the picture.  But, why?     I thought it was because City Council bought, sold, annexed land that padded their pockets.  Didn’t matter if Dem or Republican, liberal or conservative, etc,  They sold swamp land to E.L. (first they had to get it annexed to E.L.)  Overpaid for structures (parking, sculptures, banners).     Turns out it wasn’t just Corruption, it was also incompetence!     http://wlns.com/2016/03/01/east-lansing-among-worst-cities-in-u-s-for-money-management/

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