Economic Principles DO EXIST: CIRCUS is NOT OVER

I thought I’d say a few things about investing/trading.  Let’s learn away from the microphone hogging, playground bullies, changing the rules, and NOISE!  Political opinion aside, some economic principles DO exist.  National debt is NOT the same as household debt.  What makes it up?  (please turn to any intro econ book and look to see what goes into debt)

Trying to balance a budget (nothing to do with debt or raising the debt ceiling) may be necessary but not on the back of the vulnerable:  old(medicare, medicaid, social security), young(Headstart programs, food, food subsidies, medical care, dental care, shelter, Social Security) and the sick.  Where can we cut $?  Go to the NYTimes.  Years ago, they had a “moveable” chart.  You make decisions about what-to-cut.  Try it.  Fun and HARD.  Thoughtful, not noisy, not political, not demagogic.

As for the Market.  Today, it is up, 1.6%, 90% of stocks are up.  Today is a day to sell if you have not.  Another down day, week will allow us to buy.

THE CIRCUS IS NOT OVER–THESE ARE CLOWNS.  Remember when we called a child who need attention constantly, “a clown.”  He grew up to be Speak of the House with a constituency of 20 House members; perhaps loved at home but sooo irritating to everyone else.


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