Fully Invested? Maybe a Mistake

Although as interest rates climb, banks will accrue more, everything else is marginalized.  China is slowing again and Europe continues to be a mess.  The President’s comment about Bernanke and the Fed Chair’s comments from the Central Committee indicate: 1. Bernanke will be gone in January; 2. Less buying of mortgage bones and Treasuries by our Central Bank; 3. Congress still has no clue; 4. “austerity” or less spending from Congress continues to weigh heavy on the economy and on the large group of folks to whom some of this money flows(teachers, firefighters, police, support checks for children, food support for children and families etc.

The Haves don’t spend enough to keep an economy going much less growing and the Have-Nots?  have not.  Everyone else is pinched by slow hiring, slow loans to keep or start a one or two person business, or abilities to find a job with a future.  As bad as 5 yrs ago? NO!  But a growth strategy, an energy strategy, a farm bill, an education initiative?  Congress is a failure with no vision and it seems their only concern is re-election so they can live off the tax payers $.  They are the last of a good salary, extraordinary benefits, and a guaranteed pension.  Their agenda? keep their job and make sure no one else has the salary, benefits, or pension that they enjoy.

I think you can pick and choose stocks.  100% invested in anything or a variety of things=NO!

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