Incredible Article over at The Big Picture, Barry Ritholtz’s Site

The charts and data of this article, over at Barry Ritholtz’s Site, should be perused, studied and taken into consideration by commentators, pundits, CNBC, and all voters:

Memo To Political Bloggers: Please Stop Writing About Economics; You Really Suck At It

By Guest Author – March 3rd, 2012, 4:00PM

Hale “Bonddad” Stewart is a former bond broker with several regional firms. He has been involved with the financial markets since 1995. He is a graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s LLM program with a dual concentration in international and domestic taxation. He currently practices tax law in Houston, Texas.~~~

BR: I have a different take than Hale does: Political types don’t care if they do lame economic analysis – intellectually integrity isn’t their “thing” — they are only interested in influencing voters by any means, regardless of truth or integrity or fealty to reality. Dishonest is simply a tool towards that end.

example of just one of the charts:

Then there is this: the left wants to think of itself as “champion of manufacturing.”  Really? Then why has there been a complete dearth of writing about this chart:

Manufacturing is one of the primary drivers of this expansion.  And I forgot to mention, the importance of exports as well:

That’s a record high for real exports. And yet, when it comes to the political left, they’re absolutely silent on the issue, even though, according to most, we need to “become a net exporter again.” 

The above chart shows we’re on our way to being a net exporter, along with exports providing a tremendous boost to this expansion.

So, if you’re a political blogger and you want to write about economics, please answer the following questions prior to writing on economics.

I know, I put up two charts.  I couldn’t resist.  Read the article.  Neither Political Party talks straight.  This article and charts are enlightening.

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