Kass: “Gold got Schmeissed”

Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-06-18/india-can-take-more-steps-to-temper-gold-imports-mayaram-says.html

India Can Take More Steps to Cut Gold Imports, Mayaram Says

By Tushar Dhara & Unni Krishnan – Jun 18, 2013 6:11 AM ET
The inability to buy gold without filling out paper work or being on a company’s computer may have saved me from myself.  I had decided to convert the little amt of $ I had left from selling THE HOUSE.  Four grandchildren=four coins=approximatley $10,000 plus 5% cost for buying USA coins or 4% fee for buying Canadian gold coins. Turns out I would trigger one or more of the LAWS enacted by 9/11 which means Paper-Work and all my personal info sitting on a local company’s computer.  I didn’t much care about the FED but a local coin dealer with all this info just sitting on their computer “just in case the government wants to see our records.”  How about every employee at this shop and anyone else who works with their computer.  No, thank you.  I’m tired of looking something up or mentioning it on the blog or in an email and finding every page on my computer with an AD related to “my mention” or writings.
This rigmarole  saved me from buying gold as it continues to FALL!

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