• Tradeking down, tried to change a sell price and screen says “temporally unavailable.” (corollary: down time=number of people trading or $ amt up or down)  We are always locked out under these circumstances.
  • CNBC now advertising that they spend a great deal of time on politics (I would suggest this is only subject on Squawk Box) and interviewing Congressional Members.
  • OKBridge locked me out and will not answer emails or phone calls.  How can you run a company that only has an “answering machine?”  Why does ACBL do business with them?
  • Slate Magazine’s article equating productivity to number of workers and therefore, healthcare industry has poor productivity.  Silly statistic!  Patients are paying for “people care.”  Measure outcomes!  # of deaths, recoveries, re-entries, morbidity etc. (maybe Slate could run an article about inefficient Beauty Shops or message etc.)  How to misuse statistics!!

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