Medical Care is Available but What do you do for Dental?

Medicare B, D, and supplemental plus the additional costs of meds runs me $1500 a month on an $1100 SS check.  Then there is rent and utilities and insurance.  With food and gasoline, I have another $2000 in expenses.  None of this covers Dental or dental cleaning or car payments or clothes or any entertainment.  So, I have a minimum of of $4000 expenses on an $1100 income.  Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is almost at the end.  All cards are maxed-out and “emergency” fund is minimal.  Winter is upon us.

I’d love to read responses but there is so much spam (13, 569) that I no longer read the responses.  Thanks to the inappropriate selling of shirts and meds, all these junk mail sits, clogging up the no-where.  I can only write.  But can’t read.  Sorry!

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