Monday Oct 3,2011 up and running but glitches=no portfolio

Sorry, that week #1 and a promise of (always see portfolio) “no hiding” isn’t true at the moment.  Although, the excel chart “cut and paste” works well for my “contact person” of this site, it doesn’t work for me.  So, without, reference to this chart, I will try to talk you through the current market and portfolio.

This morning Cramer, at, and Bill Gross over at made it clear that times are negative for investing but not as bad, perhaps, as the previous USA financial collapse.  The European chaos and the China slowing are a BIG drag for the Market.

Then Chrysler and General Motors reported outstanding numbers and predicted that over 13million cars will be sold this year.

Last quarter, reflecting the view that nothing will ever be made again (copper took a nose dive) materials and industrials were hit hard in addition to energy.  Yes, the portfolio has a few tech stocks=12.32% and 25 JNPR call options (as we go into the “tech season” as Cramer calls it) and few consumer staples=10.7%(trying to buy HNZ);  Financials represent  14.58% fnancials including ANLY @4.47% and 14.4%div.  Drugs/health managment=9.28%……………..Long story, short, the portfolio has a lot of materials, industrials,and energy which is down 33.26% since purchase and will have to rise 49.84% to get back to even.

Being too invested, not selling at reasonable level down (holding too long or continuing to buy on the drop and the Market continues to drop MORE) are lessons burned into the flesh.

Paul Sullivan wrote an article in The New York Times titled Challenging Dollar-Cost Averaging and Other Bad Ideas

The data and ideas presented in the articles directly contradicts Cramer’s Action Alerts techniques on buying as a stock goes down if you still like the stock and stock’s story.  This takes more digging and discussing.  This would make a huge difference in a lot of my buying.

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