Rock ‘N Roll

Yes, there is volatility of Markets but I’m talking about MUSIC.   Each time we need leadership it first shows up in our music.  Les Miserable struck a cord but we didn’t think it was us.  When we were soaring in spirit and proud of our work, Bruce Springstein dominated.  Now we afraid and left and we listen to ColdPlay.  You get my point.  Rap and other pop music reflects are being so much better than the news and commentaries.  However, Les Miserable shows us hunger and no way out from under the political classes bought by the Wealthy and Tavis Smiley shows us the poverty and hunger in our Country and the few trying to relieve the pain.

The 1930s Sure Sound Familiar


Published: October 14, 2011


Not long ago, someone suggested that I read “Since Yesterday,” a book by Frederick Lewis Allen, a popular historian of the 1930s and 1940s. Published in 1940, it turned out to be a shrewd, concise, wonderfully written account of America in the ’30s


It is impossible to read “Since Yesterday” without reflecting, again and again, on the parallels between then and now. The Great Depression, of course, dominates the book — and is far worse than anything we’ve been through.BUT………. COLUMNIST The 1930s Sure Sound Familiar By 

Published: October 14, 2011

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