Scams and Slight-of-Hand cont.

Many rooms in my my house are cold.  I decided to work in the kitchen and there isn’t a TV in the kitchen.  No problem I thought.  I’ll just listen to the TV on my computer.  Bloomberg, easy.  I have a chose of radio or tv on the site.  Clear and easy!  Bloomberg delivers!

Where is CNBC?  Can’t find it on radio or tv at  I have Comcast which owns CNBC and it has been  advertising XFinity… choice:   tv, movies etc.  I clicked tv but no cnbc.  Seemed strange since cnbc owns cnbc.  I called Comcast. I asked how I used Xfinity tv on my computer.  “go …, click…..”  But there was no cnbc.  I was told you get whatever you get on your tv.  I say I get cnbc but not listed.  She escalates call to tech.  He chuckles under his breath.  “Oh, Xfinity doesn’t get live tv.  Its all videos (same as on  A media company that uses slight-of-hand?  scam?  false advertising?  Comcast behind the times.  Bloomberg gets it!

How can Comcast be a media company with growth.  They are a dinosaur.  And far from truthful!

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