Spring has sprung but the Economy is mixed

If you look at numbers e.g. GDP which reflect Winter, so cold.  BUT spring is here and manufacturing data continues to increase or at least reflect growth.  On the other hand, Trade data, weak and deteriorating.  Result? indicators for stability, growth, and continued depression.  Invest?  In what?  There is a world drowning in neg growth, war, destructive social values, anti female attitudes and no emphasis for children and their future. US with a hostile Congress, trade with either stabilizing economies or China or China like (full recession nudging into a depression.) or terrorism, war or policies that lean for the elite and diss the poor and destruction and death for our young and non European skin tones. (Racism is alive and well and reflected in our Schools and Police Departments.) People of color and minority religions attract the rage and become the scapegoats for the ineptitude  and hostility of the official class whose strings are manipulated by Elites and Money Class. Growth, cheerfulness, and a deep cleansing breath are brought by Spring.  Let’s breathe!

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