We need a Compass! Why extremes don’t work!

I so believed in all or nothing.  I rarely (really never) voted for a candidate that went on to win the Office of The President of The United States.  It’s hard not believe; to have Democracy and Equality as core values.  The if?  How to get there.  I’ve seen advocates self destruct.  I’ve seen advocates impotent once they win.  Success?

This morning Seth Godin sent out this email:    At the edges, it all falls apart

Extremism is rarely the thing we need.

Absolutes let us off the hook, because they demand not to be negotiated. But absolutes usually bump into special cases that are truly hard to ignore.

The good middles, the difficult compromises that matter, that’s where we can build things that have long lasting impact.

We need a compass and a place to go. But the road to that place is rarely straight and never absolute.

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