As they laughed, We ALL were sold-down-the drain in 2006

The Fed laughed, CNBC personnel enjoyed themselves on air, and the Country was sold-down-the river.  And now these same people, Squawk, Tim Geithner, etc assure us they are erstwhile and Larry Kudlow carries on.

By 2006-2007, housing and loans collapsed and we hit a 5 year depression, for which we still are struggling to pull those boots out of the mud.

As a look back, try to remember the giddiness of the Clinton years with “no regulations” and “wellfare reform” and the all-is-great and the “no government” era of The latest Bush Administration.  Then read the Alan Greenspan Fed minutes.  If this doesn’t either make you cry or shake in anger, you will when you read this…

Fed Members Laughed As Housing Bubble Grew

Published: Monday, 30 Jan 2012 | 7:04 PM ET
Executive Producer, Fast Money & Halftime

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