Our Grandparents Cry

I would be living in Russia or the Ukraine or The Pale OR not living=Raped, Dead, Murdered, Starved, Tortured.  Is this what we want to impose on people that are suffering and trying to flee to a place to work, live, and try to fulfill a dream?



The order allows for migrants, many of them asylum seekers, to be detained as soon as they cross the US-Mexico border and to be immediately deported to Mexico. Many have endured unspeakable horrors in one of the most dangerous journeys on earth.

President Trump’s proposed system violates the fundamental right not to be deported to a country where an individual would be at risk of suffering serious human rights violations, including torture or death.

Mexico simply does not have the resources to deal with what would turn into a new mass flow of deportees. Local authorities in border cities including Tijuana and Mexicali have already said they would not be able to provide adequate reception for high numbers of people being pushed back.

With no protection, migrants and refugees will be at immensely high risk of being kidnapped, suffering extortion, sexual violence or even death.


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