Ripped Off by Somerset Park Apartments Bath Mi

On approx April 20, 2017, I toured an apartment at Somerset Park Apts in Bath.  I gave them a deposit of $524 which included a $99 fee and $435 first month’s rent.  When I returned home, there was a voice message saying that the Manager’s Manager wanted more documentation that I could pay the rent before they would accept my application.  On the next business day at 9a.m., I called and said I could see we were not a good fit and to just send back my check.  The Manager at the Apartments stumbled over her words and said they just needed further documentation that I could pay.  I said just return my check.  She said she would have to find out what to do from her Manager.  I did not hear another word.  Yesterday 5/2/2017, I received a check in the mail for $274 instead of $524.  This check is from a firm entitled Somerset Park, LLC in Airmont NY and is dated 4/27/2017.  I feel robbed.

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